Driving on unions

In my game Roball the cars are going to drive on walls. We’ve figured out how to fix the gravity however, unions has different “hitboxes” than parts has. Causing it “impossible” to use unions, which obvious is a pain when making the maps. Is there any way to make collisions for unions as it is on parts?

The cars use physical wheels, so it drives on HingeConstraints.

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What is the Collision Fidelity of the unions set to? If it’s not at default, set it to that and see if it changes.

It’s set at default, no changes.

Do you need accurate collisions or do want them to be treated as a flat surface anyway?

He wants accurate collisions; he can do this by making the union CanCollide false and making his own custom collisions using invisible parts.


@Starception This is what I do in a lot of cases. Given the quality of union collision meshes, this is the best solution.

Easiest way is to use invisible cut cylindrical corner unions (or make curves out of parts) and invisible parts for it