Drizzled Café Handbook | 2022

Greetings, new middle ranks! Let me be the first to congratulate you on your new role.

Starting off, I’d like to mention some important information you should utilize at the cafe.


As a newly promoted middle-rank, you should be using adequate grammar, detail, capitalization, and punctuation, however, do not make your sentences overcomplex to the point where normal guests OR younger users cannot understand them.

An example of an acceptable greeting: “Greetings! Welcome to Drizzled Café. My alias is [preferred nickname/username.], and I will be serving you today. How may I assist you on this wonderful day?”

An example of an unacceptable greeting:

“Salutations, I shall commence the demonstration of a pixelated establishment greeting.”


Leaking anything as part of our staff team is unacceptable, and reflects poorly on your character.


You shouldn’t be hinting for ranks, as it comes off deseperate and will drastically ruin your chances of being promoted.


You should be professional at all times, whether it be in main chatrooms, or in staff channels.


You should remain active as a middle rank.

Furthermore, If you have any concerns not answered here, feel free to contact a corporate+.

Thanks for reading!



Chief Operating Officer of Drizzled.