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[DISCONTINUED] Spanish version / Versión española

About Me

:cherry_blossom: Hi there! I am David and i go by Dronetto or ‘Dron’ online.
I am a 18 year-old 3D artist and Spanish translator who has been working as a freelancer at the platform since I was 12!
During that time, I’ve been contributing to a wide range of notable games and I’ve helped with the expansion of localization on the Roblox platform. I have also inspired several people on becoming localizers themselves and encouraged many developers to hire manual work for this specialization.

Here’s a list of the games I’ve helped in! Keep in mind that this list will keep growing eventually

:hammer_and_wrench: BUILT FOR :hammer_and_wrench:

:memo: TRANSLATED FOR :memo:

I was also featured in a developer spotlight article, by Developers Relations!

You should check it out if you want to know a little bit more about me

The article is only available in Spanish

Building Showcase

I am going to show the builds i personally like the most (i know it isn’t much)

Maps and other big projects

Show the BYN

Candyland - map for Designer Mania

Candyland - Crumble Island [REVAMP] Map for Epic MInigames

Lab, map for ‘‘Game Over’’

Cave, map for ‘‘Game Over’’

Lobby for ‘‘Night Assassins’’

Space Station - Laser Cutting for Epic Minigames

Candyland - Speed Race

Cartoony Obby

Hero RPG maps



Traditional Spanish Windmill

Small market
Personal project (discontinued)

Building Info

Before starting with the introduction of this section, I would like to apologize as most times building commissions may not be opened at the moment.

Click here!
  • I can build realistic and *cartoony (not low-poly) themes, though i’m more skilled when it comes to realism + it’s the building style i feel the most comfortable with.
    -You will be asked to pay 25% / 50% before the commission.
  • Once i get hired, I will try to do my best, so it would be great if i don’t have to rush my buildings, I can adapt myself to deadlines while they’re not so pressuring.
  • I accept group funds (R$) or USD payment via Wire Transfer

Why should my game be translated to Spanish?

Spanish is the 2nd most spoken language around the world (below Chinese). It is a language which is spoken by 580 million people all around the world! It is also considered an official language in 44 different countries. This means that 7,6% of the entire population are Spanish speakers.

This happens at the platform aswell, the Hispanic community is very large and it grows in a really rapid manner.

However, did you know that only 11.7% of Hispanic people can maintain a conversation in English? That rate applies to adults aswell. It is also pretty relevant to point out that most of the Hispanic Roblox players are <13, meaning the grand majority struggle when trying to understand English.

With Spanish translations implemented in your games, you will attract a HUGE amount of Hispanic players to play and support your projects, not only increasing your audience, fanbase and concurrent players rates, but also experiencing a major increase of monetary profits!

Data and charts regarding the English proficiency among Hispanic people


rates of English proficiency among Hispanic people living in the US

Localization Info

Click here!
  • I am a native speaker, I’ve been studying English in school since I was 3, been assisting to an English academy since I was 6 and I am in a bilingual course in my school, which means that some subjects are done only in English.
  • Certified Cambridge English Level B2 (FCE) [CEFR ranking]!
Check out my certificate here

  • I am a member at the Roblox Localization Team, the most notable group of Roblox consisting on translating.
  • If i doubt the meaning or context of a word or sentence, I would ask you about its context. This is to confirm everything is well localized, offering a good service.
  • Please be patient with translations, it can take a lot of time (around a week or less, depending of extension and availability) I will try to figure out the best translations for each concept or string, localization isn’t as easy as expected!
  • I can use any files given (Google Docs, Excel…). I can also use the Roblox Localization Suite
  • I will always test all the translations ingame to check out if everything is translated correctly.
  • I can accept USD payment via Wire Transfer and group funds.


Contact me anytime on my Social Media / Roblox! I tend to answer to DM’s quickly (unless I’m at school / any other activity which has got me busy.
I don’t have any specific schedule for commissions though.


I am flexible with payments, anything can be negotiated.

  • Assets : 2k - 5k R$ | 7 - 17.5 USD
  • Maps / Lobby : 50k - 100k R$ | 175 - 350 USD

It depends on the number of strings per game

  • 175 - 200 R$ | 0.67 - 0.7 USD per string / cell (depending of how long are the texts too)
  • 175 - 275 R$ | 0.67 - 1.23 USD per ingame product (badges, gamepasses…)
  • 100 - 150 R$ | 0.35 - 0.52 USD per paragraph (game description)


You can contact me via

If you wish to ask me anything, you can always DM me!
:wave: Have a great day! Can’t wait to work along with you :slight_smile:


Would totally recommend hiring Dron, he is reliable and responsible developer!
And his work is really nice too!


I highly recommend Dron, I am working with him In an project and he has good communication skills and his Builds and Assests say the rest.

Keep It up :+1:


Pretty experienced guy! I have worked with him and he is pretty good :+1: Recommend him


I’ve known Dronetto for a while and I commissioned him twice for Spanish localisation.

He is an excellent guy and a reliable Spanish Translator.
I am highly satisfied with his localisation service twice in a row. I would totally recommend hiring Dronetto for Spanish localisation! :smile:


Insanely reliable, fast-working, talented dev! Their work as a Builder is always amazing and an even better translator! Highly recommend Dron!!


A very fast and talented developer, very skilled and happy overall. Gets the job done with a insane quality. I would highly recommend hiring him!


Dronetto’s a great guy to work with and does awesome translation work. Would definitely recommend him :+1:


Awesome work! I surely recommend this guy with building/translating! :slight_smile:


Dron, probs the best spanish translator on roblox :smiley:


I hired @Dronetto for a Spanish translation of Obby Creator. He completed the translation quickly, and was pretty much available all the time on Discord to answer any of my questions or queries.

He was very flexible and was open to using either the Localization Portal on the website or a .csv file. In the end, we opted for a shared google sheets document that allowed us to both make edits and view the table at the same time, which was really useful.

I recommend his services as a translator and will definitely be reaching out for future projects!


Never worked with Dronetto before, but I’ve seen his work many times before and I could tell it’s great. Planning on commissioning him to translate my upcoming game, would definitely recommend checking him out and his work. :smile:


Thank you so much for the kind words and for considering me for your future project! Make sure to message me on any social media so we can stay in contact when you are in need of translators! :smile:

Discord: david !#9639
Twitter: @Dronetto_

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Hi, I really like your building showcase! May I speak to you by discord if any chance? Your Discord User is not working for some reason :confused:. Anyways this is my discord tag- FazeMJ_Dev#1436.
Thank You!

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apologies! I’ve forgot to mention that my discord tag is now david !#9639

However, I’ve just sent you a message on there.

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Dron is an exceptional translator who tries his best to deliver the best!
I highly recommend hiring him if you want your games translated to Spanish because not only is he highly experienced in this field but, also very supportive and nice.


Highly recommended this amazing, talented person! Was a pleasure working with Dronetto and he gets work done quickly and the product is always amazing!

Keep it up bud!


Great work and communication. I don’t speak Spanish but these translations look legit :+1:


how legit :thinking:
i need to know pls before i hire him for some very super important busines thank u

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If you want to check how legit they are use Google Translate.

See if it translates well.

(Google Translate isnt the best)