Drop items effect from chest/npc

hello im trying to make a drop effect for when the player kills an npc or opens a chest.
im trying to make the dropped items fly out of the chest/npc and fall on the ground, ive seen it in other games here some videos explaining what i mean:

(Money falling from the chest)

(Sword falling from the chest)

(Meat dropping from the hog)

as you can see when a player opens a chest or kills an npc the items flies up then drop down smoothly, what is the best way to achieve this effect?


you will need to understand some Position concepts, i don’t know too much about it too, but i understand the logic behind it

as i can see, depends on how they animated, there are some ways…

Btw: (Position X and Y are some example) not the actual Position)

[when you open the chest, the position of the item is X (Default position) ( inside the chest )
then the game will change it to a new position ( Y ), so the item will be teleported instantly, and since
we want it to be smooth, we will use "TweenService", ( it will create an animation from X to Y) like a grenade being launched)
also when you get deep into tween service, you will notice new directions and ways to animate the item being moved

this guy added some sort of tween to animate items when they are picked up, the same can be done
using some chest system, but it will be different of course, you only need to follow the idea

yea the video is long, just skip to the end to see the result
How to Make An Inventory System in Roblox Studio - YouTube if you go at 1:01:30+

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