Dropper Tycoon Feedback (early beta)

Waddup forum,

i’ve just started makeing a new game and was wondering if people where intrested in testing what i have so far. The basic’s of the game are done already. but the game needs more content etc.

could you guys give me feedback on:

the parts moving mechanic (im using a different approach then just roblox physics),

and check for bugs in the save system?

Here is the link: Dropper Tycoon [early beta] - Roblox




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So far, your game is great. I did notice a problem with the moving mechanic: when the parts drop, they jump back a few studs before moving on the conveyor. It’s not a game-breaking bug, but it was a little annoying when I first saw it.

The save system works well! It did not save when I left the game, but it did save when I pressed the button. You may want to put a disclaimer that says it only saves when you press the button.

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