[DRS] Military Concept Art

Various works of concept art I’ve created for the development of a military FPS by Down Range Studios.

Clearly, the visual style of these pieces leans much more towards realism and would not be perfectly replicable to Roblox. However, these concepts (as do most others) exist as a means for visual styles regarding assets like characters or vehicles to be established, as well as for environments and missions, even beyond technical and artistic limitations, such as in the case of Roblox.


Amazing! I know a lot of groups are looking for graphical design like this.

Can you please send me a link to the group! just from those pictures I wanna join it. That is some of the best GFX ive EVER seen!!!

I like how realistic the GFX is. Great work!

I like it although the first image does not look very good like the HDRI that is seen with a very low quality I recommend using volumetric lights to give a better effect to the scene and give a god-ray effect :+1:

The first image does not use an HDRI as it isn’t rendered in a 3D program. Similarly, volumetric lighting wouldn’t be attainable.