Drug use rule in ROBLOX

In the game the player can get a factory with drugs it looks like this:

Also in the game you can make money to make drugs and sell it

Is it against the Community Standards with rule 8? (See Below)
Do i need to set a warning or anything else or how can i get this type of things ongoing but not against the Community Standards?


I think that’s against the Roblox Community Standards.

To make it not against the Roblox Community Standards, I think you could rename it so it is no longer a drug.


It’s just against the rules. There’s no way around it in this case either. You cannot have drug paraphernalia.


Unfortunately, if you want to make a game like that it’s better to move to another platform.


Obviously, and drug dealing too. How could you ever think that it would be safe and not break tos.

Maybe “candy” or cola factory would be better.


What made you think cocaine would be allowed lmfao


This is, like, super extremely against TOS.


It’s just not a good idea lol. Drugs are drugs. Roblox won’t see it any other way, no matter how you try and get round it.

I have seen a lot of games with syringes, but I think they just got lucky with moderation.

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When did i think it would? Maybe thats why i asked the question?

This is strongly against the Roblox Community Guidelines but if they are making “Flour” for baking then that should be allowed but have a thing that states this, not that mods would read that it’s flour.

Syringes could be for “Doctors” or “Dentists” etc.

yeah I remember ages ago seeing games like “Escape the dentist” and there were syringes, so I feel like the syringe part would be fine.

Thank you for reacting after 10 months and already 8 replies dude it really helped!

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Just call it deadly flour or something

Is it allowed publishing the game but keeping it private or is it allowed saving it into a file?