DSA Makes it Impossible to Upload UGC

This group (#・Sofaygo - Roblox) has been taking my group’s (cartiër - Roblox) ugc down. For the past week, every single time we upload, this group takes it down using Roblox EU’s access to the DSA program. Further, they steal our mesh and reupload it to their group, which has gotten them over 300 members from stealing our work.

I have contacted Roblox support, but they seem confused and aren’t doing anything. I have also emailed the copyright agent, but they take a long time to respond and in the end have said they can’t help every single time.

This is really frustrating as they are original models and we are missing out on many sales. If anyone knows how to effectively counter this, please reply.

If you are a Roblox staff member, please DM me and I will provide more details.

Thank you for all your help!


I have also tried to email Roblox Copyright but they pretty much just say they can’t assist you even though it says to email them for a counter-notice.

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Both of these groups upload copies of real limited, both need to be taken down. Can the staff handle that first?

No, the second group (cartier) does not copy limited. Cartier creates authentic and original meshes which are modeled and designed by group members and give full intellectual property rights to the group.

Sofaygo on the other hand, downloads meshes from cartier and reuploads them as their own to make a profit off of stolen items.

Read before you post. We acknowledge that we take inspiration from Roblox limited, but we also bring a new concept to the catalog as it is our original mesh and is not a copy of the original.

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It might be a different mesh, but they are very much copies. You have several Ugc faces , a knife, and a dominous.


They are “copies” as in inspired by Roblox meshes (which is not against ToS, so this is not topical.)

Please only reply with help and topical replies as to how to counter abusive DSA.

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