Dual Weld Tools

Hey there! Hope your having a great day. Recently, I’ve been thinking about adding dual welding to my game. Now, roblox does not have a “official” way to make tools be on the left hand. However, I have seen some games doing dual welding gamepasses. How would I achieve dual-welding in my game? I’m not looking for any scripts, just ways I can do it efficiently.


I’m assuming your trying to have one tool and on left and right in a tool if that makes sense.

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The behaviour of a tool being welded to someone’s hand is creating a RightGrip between the RightHand or Right Arm and the tool’s Handle. This same behaviour is applied to a secondary tool for a LeftGrip.

The way I do dual wielding is by making pseudolimbs to determine where the weld points should be, then I weld everything to a primary part of the tool which is in turn welded to that pseudolimb. I then weld the pseudolimb straight to the matching real limb under the character.


pretty much


assuming this is for guns you can try connected the left hand gun to the right hand gun and make an animation for the left arm going up (never tried this before)

Just wondering, why would u need fake limbs, rather than using the real ones?

I have no clue why this was marked as the solution (@FancyTaik123 how does this solve your problem?), but that aside, I’m pretty sure I explained that very clearly in my post.

Fake limbs are used as weld points towards the real limbs. This is a common technique that is used in terms of getting things to stick a certain way without guessing or approximating CFrames.

I wrote a lengthy response that discusses this practice. The thread is related to animating rather than only welding parts, but the same concept applies.

See the follow-up response I posted afterward.

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