Due to high request / demand from my community, I made a chicken gun

No, you’re not reading this wrong. I actually did make a chicken gun.

A lot of my community members, mostly from my discord server, would constantly ask for a chicken gun, until it became a little inside joke.

It was all jokes and laughs until I actually implemented it:

I spent like, who knows what. HOURS working on this one gun just to satisfy my community. But in the end, everyone was pretty happy about it, so that’s a good one.

I had to modify my gun framework just for this specific weapon lol


You have gotten my respect for this. 10/10. I love it :+1:


thank you my guy!!! :))))

i did get a bit burnt out on this project though, so i’ve moved onto other projects. (it’s not unfinished, it’s actually really deep into development)

Can I see the entire gun please?

Make a Kitchen Gun. Bang Bang Bang!

Imagine a gun that shot out fried chicken :worried:

here it is in action (i used admin commands to fly everyone and we just had a lot of fun for the next 10 minutes instead of actually finding bugs)

(I had to put it in a streamable link so that I could actually fit the entire footage in)

Amazing! I’d just add some animations and maybe some chicken themed coloring for the gun?

No, I wanted to add more comedy to the gun by not animating the reload (mostly because the gun itself wasn’t designed to reload, but rather infinitely shoot chickens out of it)

I wanted the gun to feel like a leafblower or a home-made, crude spud gun

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