Dummies fall through the ground

I got the npcs of my leaderboard working like 2 days ago but now i (probably accidentally) changed something and i dont know what it was or how it even happend but they keep falling through the
(The npcs represent the top 3 players)

That actually sounds like a really stupid question if i read it but i have tried anchoring all parts and cancollide is everywhere set to true. Also i dont remember changing anything. I can also provide the script that handles changing the characters but i dont think that is needed.

Does anyone know what could cause this?

Here is how it looks lol (if my description for some reason is unclear)

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Pretty simple, you should be able to just set the Anchored property under each dummy’s HumanoidRootPart to true and that should fix it, hopefully.

As i said, every part of the dummy is anchored including the HumanoidRootPart.So this doesnt fix the problem sadly but thanks for you suggestion!