Dummies vs Noobs 1.7 Update Log

Update 1.7

  • Added 2 new machete upgrades
    ^ Stick grenade and Wrench

  • Melee’ing with the stick grenade will result in your camera becoming nauseated, making it difficult to aim for 12 seconds

  • Hitting anything with the wrench, whether it’d be throwing or melee’ing, will refill the ammo of friendly buildings

  • Added a health HUD to the PDC so you can check on its condition

  • Wave 3 boss digging delay will now be constant (5 seconds to travel)

  • New casualty report UI

  • Buffed PDC’s damage from 3 > 5

  • Fixed a bug where you could still get the base tool even after upgrading it

  • Added 2 new PDC kit upgrades
    ^ Sprayer kit and Turret kit
    ^ Sprayer kit deploys a sprayer, which sprays an area denial gas 25 studs around it. Deals 20 damage per second
    ^ Turret kit deploys a turret, which is manually controlled, but deals 20 damage per shot (+15 from PDC)

  • You can now vote-skip on mobile

  • For PC players, you can now press Z to toggle zoom

  • Nerfed artillery damage

  • Made overcharger’s overcharge effect more noticable and dramatic

  • Cloakers will stop charging if they don’t kill their target within 4 seconds

  • Added levelling system

  • Added “Camera shakes” setting to enable camera shaking

  • Changed the artillery’s warning circle to be more noticable

  • UI scaling for smaller screen devices (like phones)

  • Added the encyclopedia! Check it out if you want to read a text wall
    ^ Contains info about enemies, mechanics and stuff

  • More pages unlocked as you level up

  • The game scales in difficulty based on player count

  • Internal security changes

  • New leaderboard added

  • Kits added
    ^ Spawn with different starter tools (instead of rifle, you spawn with sniper, etc)

  • Due to the addition of kits, various balances have been made:
    ^ Nerfed DMR damage (85 > 55)
    ^ Nerfed shotgun damage (18 > 15)
    ^ Nerfed RPG’s ammo consumption rate (1x bullets fired > 2x bullets fired)
    ^ Nerfed shotgun’s accuracy (0.9 degrees > 1.3 degrees)

  • Added scout kit items
    ^ Jetpack
    ^ Akimbo (pistols)

  • Added 2 new maps
    ^ Urban and Archipelago
    ^ They’re basically spiritual successors to the original maps (city and island)

  • Deprecated Island map (no longer in rotation)

  • Various internal changes

  • Overhauled wave 9’s boss:
    ^ Wall of Jericho is no more. Say hello to Achilles
    ^ Achilles is an elite recon unit equipped with a protective frontal shield-barrier
    ^ When he is about to fire, the shield-barrier flickers off for a brief time window, allowing you to shoot
    ^ If players get too close, he will deploy a smokescreen and turn invisible for 5 seconds

  • Overhauled wave 6’s boss:
    ^ Icarus is no more. Say hello to the Fusilier
    ^ The fusilier is a grenade launcher unit that specializes in demolition. However, its grenades are faulty and you are able to throw them back at him.
    ^ Cannot be hit by conventional bullets, must be killed via explosives

  • Infantry’s weapons are now less accurate at longer ranges

  • Fixed a bug where the shielder’s shotgun would reload very quickly

  • Minor UI changes

  • Major bug fixes