Dummies vs Noobs lore

Dummies vs Noobs lore


This is no longer canon

DvN takes place in an alternate universe where the world is taken form with different greography and landmasses.

19th century

Tianzhou continent, 1855

In 1855, with the restoration of the Kai dynasty in the former Shenzho-led emperor in Zhou, the dummy kingdom is formed. After a bloody civil war, the two nations of Kai-Zhou and Shenzho both secede from one another and break off, drawing a border on the Impe mountains.

Latia continent, 1821

Across the Perian ocean, the Noobic Republic is founded in 1821, forming with a democratic constitution after recently deposing its absolute monarchy, led by Noble Noob IV. After the formation of the Noobic Republic, various colonies in the Apawan continent are set free from Noobic rule, as per the constitution. North Peria, Talenhamae, Ajanae, Kaltawa, Qatowa, Confederacy of Balan Tribes (or Balan for short) and Juluwa are all included.

Apawa continent, 1823

Across the former colonies, every tribe nation grows more and more wary of each other. Talenhamae expresses a need to expand, and thus begins building up its armies. Other nations like Kaltawa and Qatowa follow suit, and soon enter an arms race to see who can build the biggest army.

20th century

Tianzhou continent, 1915

With the passing of Kai III, a new emperor inherits the throne. The new emperor, Kai IV, feels the need to grow his empire to conquer the surrounding lands, bringing himself glory. After assassinating and blackmailing his other family members, he becomes the sole practical leader in true power. The court and his family no longer oppose him, allowing him to begin a massive modernization campaign.

Tianzhou War of 1915

Under the guise of a holy crusade, the newly modernized soldiers of Kai IV advances upward, taking massive swaths of the continent and swallowing several nations whole. By the year 1922, the 7-year campaign of crusading has drawn to a close as his armies approach the narrow strait near the Apawan continent. Eventually, the entirety of the continent is under Kai IV’s control.

Latia continent, 1917

Imperial Guesta falls into disarray with civil disorder and political strife, thanks to its cutthroat political structure and recent unrest due to the incompetence of the recent prime minister, Guaya Lierto. With various political groups breaking off and the federal military under complete chaos, Lierto resigns his position. What insues is the Guestae civil war.

Guestae Civil War
The Guestae Communist Party and the Guestae Nationalist Party both begin duking it out with each other, using newly invented machine gun technologies. Eventually, the war grinds to a stalemate as both can neither gain new ground or lose any ground. By 1922, the Noobic Republic takes the opportunity to collect the precious Guesa mineral deposits within the western part of the country with a full-scale military invasion under the pretense of liberation. The invasion is swift, as the now-legendary commander of the Noobic Nation Nolah Partagan leads the charge with brand new and revolutionary military tactics. The former Imperial Guesta is now within Noobic hands. Although both parties were supposed to be given each a seat in the national congress, in reality the two parties are rarely ever shown in election booths.

Apawa continent, 1933

With Kaltawa, Qatowa and Talenhamae all spending massive amounts of money on the arms race, it is only a matter of time before an economic crisis takes hold. In 1934, the Great Depression occurs, where an astronomical amount of economic growth is destroyed in a matter of weeks thanks to panicking investors and incompetent military contractors, paired in with overspending by each respective government.

Down south, the Kai-Zhou (now commonly referred to as the Dummy Kingdom) begin eyeing an opportunity to expand their influence. On March 3rd, 1934, Kai VI sends an expeditionary force to establish a beachhead on the southern Qatowan shores. However, due to poor weather, awful commanders and logistical shortcomings, the beachhead fails to take place.

The once mighty Kai-Zhou kingdom is beginning to show its cracks in its foundations.

21st century

Tianzhou continent, 1934-2001

With the massive embarassment that was the failed Qatowan landings of 1934, and with several issues such as corruption and poor infrastructure at home, the dummies begin an uprising. This uprising is called the Leadhead Uprising, named after the nickname of a man who was tragically killed by Kai-Zhouan police during the uprising.

Back in the palace, Kai VI is pressured by his oligarchs and people to abdicate. His military was beginning to lose faith in his ability to rule, the oligarchs were beginning to get fed up with Kai VI’s arrogance to issues at home, and the people… well… they’re literally rioting and rebelling what do you expect

Without his oligarchs or the military to enforce his rule, Kai VI abdicates his throne and crown, and with no heirs (due to them all being assassinated), he officially ends the centuries-long rule of the Kai dynasty.

The oligarchs, now in power, begin making reforms to the government structure to appease the people. These reforms included things like civil liberties, universal healthcare, a constitution, and a democratic governing system. The mighty kingdom of Kai-Zhou had been reformed into Dummykind.

Latia continent, 1955-2008

A power hungry general by the name of Nobaye Yalo receives the position of Head of Noobic Armed Forces. He stages a coup, which is ultimately successful in bringing down the democratic (but corrupt) government that was the Noobic Republic. He renames the state to the Greater Noobic Republic, and begins cracking down on any opposition, with the support of the military.

Feeling even more power-tripped, Nobaye goes on a 53-year long military campaign of slowly consuming neighboring states and islands. By 2008, he has conquered most if not all of the Latian continent, as well as the major islands by the west of the newly-formed Talenhamae empire.

Apawa continent, 1944-2003

After recovering from the Great Depression in 1934, Talenhamaen scientists begin work on a new project, dubbed “Project A”. It aims to create a bomb so powerful that it could obliterate an entire city in one go. By 1948, the project is finished and the bomb is ready, though kept in top secret conditions.

When war breaks out between Talenhamae and the neighboring Apawan states (except for the Apalachan islands) Talenhamae uses its newly acquired nuclear arsenal to nuke the capital cities of all its rival states, and their armies. Weakened and exhausted, the neighbor nations declare unconditional surrender to the Talenhamae, who soon becomes an empire with its continent-sized power.

Eventually, in 2003, the last Apalachan defenders surrender to the encroaching hordes of the Talenhamae Empire. Thus, securing the last pockets of resistance to the Talenhamae.

2044 - Present day

Present day

Nobaye Yalo’s successor, Noobte Yalo, is determined to avenge his father’s assassination by the hands of Dummykind’s agents. Contrary to their belief, the agents that eliminated Nobaye were not sent by the government of Dummykind, but merely ethnically tied to Dummies. Hence, Noobte Yalo used this as a justification of another world war.

Using Talenhamae as a military hopping point, the Noobic armies were unleashed onto the Tianzhou continent. Despite the bitter resistance of the native population, they were eventually pushed back to the Impe mountains after 12 years of prolonged fighting. There, Dummykind’s government hoped for a quick victory to the war by landing on the shores of the now-vulnerable Noobic shores. The plan was somewhat successful, establishing a good bulge into the enemy homelands. However, they did not have enough manpower or logistics to reach the capital. Eventually they were forced to withdraw from the Latian continent to help the fight back home.

In 2044, you and other players defend Dummykind’s last strongholds against the Noobic hordes…