Dummy face turns invisible in-game? Visible in studio. Head size is also weird

basically im making a mob for my game and I imported a dummy then added clothes/accessories.
I added a head mesh since it had a block head.

this is what it looks like in studio.
And for some reason it becomes faceless in-game.

Also you cant see it since the dummy has a mask on but the head is smaller in studio but goes to normal size in-game

Why is this and how can I fix it?


This could be cause of the mesh head. Mesh objects have different properties and do not work the same as a normal object.

I would try using a normal head, and also make sure the pet is anchored.

If none of these work, let me know As I will try to help when I can.

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Yeah it was the mesh being weird. I ended up messing with the sizing and turning off auto scaling and it fixed the problem. Ty for the help! Greatly appreciated!

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