Mesh DoubleSided seems to not work with lighting


I’m not really highly experienced with Blender and know barely anything advanced about it. So I’ve made this key mesh and for some reason the faces were inverted for all I knew. I’ve had this issue before, and I just turned on DoubleSided to solve it. However, the lighting seemed very off on this MeshPart.


As you can see on the image, the ring part of the key looks darker. Any way I can fix this? Again, I’m not really experienced with Blender.


I think you need to flip the inverted faces in Blender to fix the lighting bug, here’s a quick crash-course on how to do that:

Make sure you’re in “Viewport Shading” as in the picture, and click the arrow, then turn on “Backface Culling”. You will then see all the inverted faces.

Select the model and press tab to enter edit mode, then select the inverted faces (Press C to use circle select, it’s faster). Once you’ve selected all the inverted faces, press F3 and type in “flip normals” and hit enter.

I hope this helps fix the bug. Good luck!



I would like to help with this, but this could be several things.

Previous Issues


Not solved


What it could be.

  1. This could be a blender problem.

    • I’m not highly experienced with blender, but this could mostly be a blender issue as multiple people have shared here on the DevForums it could be a blender thing that doesn’t import into Roblox Studio like it should.

    • I would do what @TmsDevv has suggested, as it sounds like he is more experience with Blender compared to me, I just build within Roblox Studio.

  2. Mesh Properties are not the same as normal parts within Roblox.

    • All Mesh parts are different from normal parts within Studio.

      • The properties are different and are not the same, as I would check these on the Roblox Developer Hub.
    • Blender objects even if they are mesh, or not they will be the same like in Studio; like said before blender could have a big impact on it.


Like stated this could be one of these reasons, but it is hard to tell for us to know. As I do highly think it could be a blender thing, since a lot of people have problems with imported models from Blender .

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Face orientation can also be useful for seeing if parts of the model are inside out.

You can view the face orientation by selecting this menu on the top right:

With it turned on, you can see the outside faces are blue, the incorrect face is red.

You could flip the normal manually as I’ve done above. Or, you can recalculate the outside. Sometimes the latter messes up, but it can be useful when there are multiple faces with incorrect face orientation.

Edit: Have you tried texturing the model? Or are you coloring it in Roblox Studio?

Thanks, @TmsDevv !! Really helpful and well explained!

This is how it looks like now (a lot better). Wish you the best in life!

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