Dummy Size dont keep when i applied humanoiddescription

im making a leaderboard with statue and when i applied humanoid description to the dummy, they become as small as the normal r15, is there a way for them to keep their size

Why are you putting a Humanoid in it anyway if it’s a statue?

As well, the R15 Humanoid has Scale Properties that can be changed: Humanoid | Roblox Creator Documentation

Here’s the page on HumanoidDescription that describes using the Scale properties.


well, i made a leaderboard and whoever is in the top will their outfit will be added to the statue, but so far i only know humanoiddescription to do that

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Did you try adjusting the Scale Properties?

how to do that? i tried the bodytypescale-something but i failed

I can see that you didn’t click on the links I posted (in blue).
Try those for the correct information.