Dungeon System thing i made =)


It has been a bit since I have posted here. And I have something finally worth showing! I made this dungeon system where you spawn in and rooms are randomly generated. It isn’t really a dungeon game and there isn’t really anything to do in it yet…
The room with the dummies in them are enemy rooms
The rooms with the chest are chest rooms, you can get items from chests
The rooms with the 3 grey blocks are puzzle rooms, you get a chest if you solve the puzzle
And the room with the door is supposed to be the end level

I uh hope you enjoy and I would like feedback :slight_smile:

It is theemed off of Heros! By Davidii



As you said, there’s nothing to do yet but I know for a fact that if you continue on this project, it’ll be as good as Heroes! by Davidii.
Keep up the work.

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Thanks! Glad you like it :slight_smile:

Awhh, could you post some pictures? I’d love to see it but I currently can’t join a roblox game to check it out.

I can’t my bad. I’m on mobile right now. Just imagine Grey boxes with stuff in them lol.

That’s what I’d imagine, and that’s what I’d love to see :sweat_smile: I’ll check it out when I’m able to, if I remember to, that is.

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I added some pictures to it. :smiley: