Duo Developer Portfolio!

Duo Developers! Would like feedback on portfolio and builds!

https://nickiandara.carrd.co/ tysm for taking the time to read!

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the site looks great! But it is hard to navigate bit which could make it harder for job people. Another thing, i personally recommend you code the website yourself and put ur code in githubpages. The ones you make yourself are the best imo as you get all the features for free without having to pay a dime. Still good and clean site nonetheless :+1:


it was suggested to me by somebody on discord! I have no experience with web dev so i resorted to this. Thanks for feedback!

added a quick update to the site as i missed one of my favorite images (found at the bottom!)

It isn’t that hard to code in javascript, html, and css. Just watch a web development beginners tutorial. It’s worth it in the end too.

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Okay severely honest feedback time.

Overall First Look Review

First off the website looks very bright, and it’s hard on the eyes. Maybe tone the colors down a bit with a darker background and lighter text. Also the text is small and fairly hard to focus on.

Second, You guys seem to bring eachother down? Even as a joke this can turn potential employers away. Believe it or not, employers don’t care about your weaknesses unless they ask for it. Maybe take that part out.

Third, why are there two paragraphs that say essentially the same thing just with two separate perspectives? That’s repetitive, annoying, and will make an employer completely skip over it and/or just completely choose to not hire you.

Fourth, the language choice isn’t very professional, it seems like two young people who probably are too young to understand employment, pay, and contracts. Personally I’d feel like if I hired you and assigned you some work, I’d get complaints, extension requests, requests to changes on the assignment, etc…

Fifth, you guys are currently working on your own game, why would you offer employment (essentially time) that you could be spending on your own game, which in turn could generate a heftier profit. Plus asking for small assignments is not usually what people want. They’d want someone who was willing to do what the employer needs as long as it fits with their skill level.

Sixth, the pictures of past work are all extremely grainy and low quality and makes your work look like crap, not that your work itself is crap, but it LOOKs like it is. Consider fixing those by getting proper angles via Studio with the best rendering quality possible. Also consider photoshop to change the ambience of the image.

Visual Reviews

What is the point of this? This doesn’t show who you are, in your intro section.

I’d suggest putting both your avatar headshots in there instead so the employer can see what you look like, and will bring an extra personal feel to it.

None of these buttons lead to anything, either take it out completely or add something for the buttons to go to.

To be honest we don’t care how amazing you think Ara is. You can fluff them up with all the good words you want, the only opinion that matters is the employer’s.

Again we don’t care what you think or like, that’s not important to us.

Why is this text here? This is irrelevant to what you’re showcasing. Put it as a header for that bottom section.

If you can remove this, please do, otherwise please look at my Final Review and Advice section.

Final Review and Advice

Alright so I was fairly harsh, but to be honest it’s better coming from me, and not an employer. You want to create a connection with your employer. As someone who works in software development out with a real company, this website wouldn’t be looked at. Ever. Like I said the colors are too bright. Fix everything I talked about above and it will be much better.

For the watermark Made with Card get rid of it if you can. If not then learn how to write HTML and CSS it’s not complicated and will maybe take a month, or less if Ara is as advanced as you claim. If neither of you want to do that, PM me I will do it for free. I’m dead serious.

Please take my advice with some sugar, because I didn’t sugarcoat it. Genuinely though I applaud you for even making a website at all, even if it looks like it was designed and made by a toddler, just the notion of the website shows you guys are serious about marketing your services. However I don’t suggest forcing employers to hire both of you, I get it. You guys are friends. Cool. We don’t care. We want someone who can build what we want, in the correct and alloted time. Regardless of if you charge extra, asserting that you can’t be hired if both of you aren’t hired is WAY more than enough to turn an employer away. In this industry the employer is the boss, not you.

Yes you can turn down opportunities but word gets around quick in the development community. You will never be hired this way, and if you do, you won’t be paid much or the project will die quickly.

Now for some nice advice. Never work for a percentage cut, always expect to be paid in full once the project is complete. Make sure to send updates of the work you’re doing to your employer so they know how hard or well you’re working. Words are useless, but a picture of visible changes and progress will immediately make you better in the yes of your employer.

Also yes, I was tough in this, but it’s to make you better. I have a full time job, I get paid a lot of money, so I think I know what I’m talking about. If you’d like any elaboration PM me so it doesn’t clog up your post.



I take into account all of your feedback! thank you! :grinning:

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im currently working on a new page with html and css. thank you for the honest feedback. I really do not think it is severely harsh, you are being honest! Thanks!

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please make sure to research “Responsive Web Design”, thank me later.

Here’s some resources

A CSS evangelist who will teach you the ins and outs of CSS and web design. Check out some of his free courses.

Also check out this guy!

I suggest VSCode as your text editor (It’s made by microsoft)

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ive been using vscode to learn lua! thanks for the suggestion though.

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