Duping On Cross Platform Games

Hello I own a Cross-Platform Game with Decent amount of players but being a Cross-Platform game has caused a lot of issues Since Roblox Data Stores Intract Weirdly Upon someone joining into the same game using another Device on another platform Mostly Xbox, I’ve already the read the post that Fm_Trick made but still did not help since Roblox’s Datastores are not Fast enough

For the developers who still don’t know how is this done, if you are playing on pc or any other platform in the game X you can just Drop Or trade your items that you have saved to another person and then immediately Joining the same game on another platform Causing you to leave the game and the new data that is being saved to be Replaced by the old Data u had before

this has been a huge issue in this game and I’ve tried anything that came into my head but still hasn’t worked out if anyone knows how to avoid this issue please let me know

This module uses meta data attached to the regular data to stop people from using the same data on different devices.

Edit: I believe they doing something like this: player joins, if data is unlocked continue, lock data, player leaves, unlock data. It also might read the data before saving to see if it’s unlocked. I haven’t read most of the documentation so I could be wrong.

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