Duplicate and drag only moves one of the models in Studio

When you select a group of models in Studio and duplicate them then attempt to drag them all at once it only selects one of the models to move, this is a weird bug which happens every single time as when you duplicate it shows all of the models selected which you would think would then move all of them at once but no, instead it ignores the other 4 models and moves just the one.

Repo steps:

  • Select multiple models at once
  • Ctrl + D to duplicate
  • Drag those models using your mouse


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The parts are perfectly over lapping, so you click on the other, not selected one, changing your selection.
use the arrows to shift it a bit first.

After removing the overlap, click and drag works perfectly fine.

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Still means that’s a bug if it’s picking the other one over the selected one to be dragged

Right, I never said it wasn’t a bug, I was adding information that may be useful.

Would need the copies to be created ‘under’? the originals so that your original selection can be interacted with normally.

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I tested your suggestion and it does work but it’s weird because the normal selection just moves the objects you’ve selected, I think if two parts are inside of each other the selected one should always be selected.

That would certainly be the expected behavior.

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