Duplicated key bind shortcuts

  1. i want to know of a way i can resolve duplicated key bind shortcuts.

  2. the issue is that duplicated key bind shortcuts.

were the issue is happening

  1. I’ve tried removing the code from it and after i made that change I saved it and then re-added it and saved it again. then i still got the same issue. I’ve also looked for solutions on the Developer Hub and found none.
here is the slice of code that makes it is triggering and getting its function from
local node_placer = toolbar:CreateButton("place node","","rbxassetid://9061325776")

node_placer.Click:Connect(function ()
	if game.Selection:Get()[1] ~= nil then
		local node_size = Vector3.new(0.5, 0.5, 0.5)
		local node_shape = Enum.PartType.Ball
		local node_mat = Enum.Material.Neon
		local node_color = BrickColor.Green()
		local node_ancor = true

		for ii,vv:Model in pairs(game.Selection:Get()) do
			for i,v in pairs(vv:GetChildren()) do
				local node = Instance.new("Part")
				node.Name = v.Name .. "_" .. "node".. tostring(node_number)
				node.Shape = node_shape

				node.Size =  node_size
				node.Material = node_mat
				node.BrickColor = node_color
				node.Anchored = node_ancor
				node.CFrame = v.CFrame

				node.Parent = workspace.node_Folder

		node_number = node_number + 1

	elseif game.Selection:Get()[1] == nil then
		print("curret node id value : ",node_number)
		node_number = node_number + 1
		print(" node id value is now : ",node_number)