Duplicateing parts problem!

I want to make It so if theres like more then 4 players in the game I do know how to check that , but then I want a few rows to be copied and it needs to be named like row 5 becouse you can see that there are already 4 rows and its needs to go up every copy and if there 10 rows if it duplicates the next one will be called Row11

I alse want them to have this color patren but they have a value inside them wich is not going to help i think.

can someone please help me

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Haven’t you tried :Clone()?

For a cross roads game with infinite road generation i Cloned the roads and

:MoveTo() the clone ahead and then renamed it.

to make the renaming process easier, I just put all the roads in folder in workspace and then

local RoadsTable = game.Workspace.Roads:GetChildren()

local function makeNewRoad()
      local cloneRoad = RoadsTable[#RoadsTable]:Clone()
      cloneRoad.Name = "Road" .. tostring( #RoadsTable)
     and put the offset here using cloneRoad:MoveTo()

U would probabbly want to do

local cloneRoad = RoadsTable[#RoadsTable-1]:Clone()

This is probabbly not the best way and im a beggier scripter but thats how i did it hope it helps.

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you know the motto “if it works, it works”

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if i remembered correctly, :MoveTo is deprecated, use :PivotTo or .CFrame instead (also the road would just clone the same road as the previous clone if thats intended)

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I want the part to spawn furtet then the last one

please elaborate

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Why not offset it by a certain value?