Dutch Transport Simulator Update Log 12/02/2024

Map Expansion Update

:stars: New Features!

:earth_africa: New city
A new city has been added, and itโ€™s located in Belgium! The name is Fleurmont. There is a train line going to the city from station Raadhuisplein.

:office: New depot
The depot near Busstation Vredesplein has been revamped! There is now a building with a parking lot, and all the buses are now stored in the building!

:bus: New bus line
Thereโ€™s a new bus line going to Fleurmont, line 300!

:spiral_notepad: Feedback system
Do you want to report a bug or suggest something in-game? Now you can! Type /feedback into the chat and you will get an option to write feedback that the developers can view!

Go check out these awesome features!

:mag_right: Bug Fixes & Improvements!

  • Fixed train stopping too late at the station near the depot.
  • Fixed train getting stuck on the tracks.
  • Fixed train doors opening on the wrong side.
  • Fixed water not being visible in the canal near Oprijlaan.
  • Fixed structures falling apart (anchored the parts).