Dwiddle ~ Character Creation V2

The old character creation, didnt have much customizability and had a limited number of skin colors; this new and improved one gives the player 5+ more skin colors than before; it also gives you the option to change your eye color and gender

I plan on adding even more small customization features later down the line!


Smooth and cool. Really creative.

This looks good! Overall vibe to it is great! As well as the options for customizations!

Wow! I love to see how you’ve made a lot of progress on this game. It could be possible to add some hats Just a thought

Wow, I love the style of the Guis! Great work!

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You should make it so you can change the bow, it reminds me of gender stereotypes


I love the UI, great choice on the fonts! Like I have said before, if you need help with accessories, I have your back!

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This is a cool customization system for the dwiddle characters! Good job!

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