Dwiddle Spoiler


That’s literally insane man, I cannot wait for this ak that would make the game so sick ploughing down the noobs!

Nice work. This little cube with red eyes is the most threatening thing I’ve ever seen.

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LOL yeah Ak-47 are def getting into the game :wink:


Yeah Dwiddles are very scary creatures; there eyes glow and there hands look like little ice cubes


Lol, the reason the eyes glow is because they constantly see the old ROBLOX logo.

Nah man this dwiddle looks like he has seen some stuff

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He witnessed tix go away, and was scared for life

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something you could do is fine like little outposts of like corrupted dwiddles that would attack you and you could use some sort of mechanic to heal them to get some coin, exp, or loot in a way of the dwiddle thanking you?

Oh thats literally a great idea I love it

thanks! i think it will just add another way to get loot that involves some pve also something is that if you do it they could also do tasks for you like gather wood, stone or something else?

also there could be like dwiddle villages were theyre kind of safezones to take a breather and do some trading with players or npcs to get some loot and not have the worry of getting shot in back from 350meters away lol

Hm the thing is I want the players to create that stuff not me; the game is supposed to be player controlled; so things like building villages will be up to whatever the player wants to build; and players can setup their own shops on their own terms and do countless other things

well another thing is that can players kill each other?

yeah players will be able to hurt each other but i dont know about the killing part though

i wanna keep that cuteness still

so will it be like a rp game of sorts?

No its not really a rp game its a survival game but its run by the players basically if that makes sense

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maybe if you dont want the killing part maybe like you could knockout ppl then there in a knocked out state where they can’t move or attack or anything and then ppl can loot them and the states lasts for 30 seconds then you come out of the state and the ppl would have run away or something so technically you never die but can still “Lose” and have loot taken? just a long suggestion sorry if you cant understand my jebberish

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I’ve created a monster!!! What have I done!

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dude no you are literally the face of Dwiddle; think about that for a second :flushed: