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About Me

Hi there! I am offering my services as a scripter and graphic designer, I have done GFX for around 6 months now and scirpting for around 4 months, I am a well rounded scripter who knows the basics and a few advanced methods that help me get by and make really clean scripts, I mainly enjoy working with map voting, datastores, UI’s and open world systems.

For GFX I am experienced and know how to make nice lighting, multiple rigs with nice looking effects and natural body poses, this is what I enjoy doing the most.


You can view my assets here:

GFX Portfolio:

Scripting Portfolio:

Games I worked on:

A Way Out



Available all 7 days due to COVID.


Prices are negotiable, I accept either hourly pay or per asset. I prefer Robux as my payment.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum.
You can contact me on twitter: twitter.com/ghostlydxnny
You can contact me on discord: dxnny#1234![yescopy (1)|500x500]

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Might need you in a few months…

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