Dxun Complex Controls and Mechanics


This guide is for the following map: https://www.roblox.com/games/4101545728/Dxun-Complex-v4

All classes on Dxun are equal for both teams, this includes equipment, grenades, and guns. The map should NOT lag, but it is recommended you play between 5-8 graphics to maximize performance+visual level. If you play under 5 you’ll be blind and if you play above 8 you’ll suffer frame loss.

Point System

Each capture point takes 5 seconds to cap from neutral, however, it takes 13 seconds to cap from enemy control to your team’s control if only one person is standing on it.
For each extra person on the point, the time is cut by a modifier of 0.1.
A player must be within 20 studs of a point to capture.
Points capture back after all attacking players are dead (Health <=0) if the point fails to be neutralized by an attacking force.
Each point gives 0.25 tickets per second.
Once a point is captured, members of the owner team may spawn there as the last class they had equipped. Players do NOT spawn on the point, but rather anywhere between 300-600 studs away from it.

Primary Weapons

Each class receives a unique primary weapon that is equal to the other team’s. All guns are hit-scan based and deal damage upon firing and have a 1.5 headshot multiplier.
The stats for these weapons are as follows:

  • Assault:

    • Auto = true
      BaseDamage = 20;
      FireRate = 0.2; --In seconds
      ReloadTime = 1.8; --In seconds
      AmmoPerMag = 35;
      SpreadX = 2; --In degrees
      SpreadY = 2; --In degrees
      Range = 5000; --In Studs
      MaxAmmo = 220;
  • Engineer

    • Auto = false
      BaseDamage = 9;
      FireRate = 0.5; --In seconds
      ReloadTime = 2.25; --In seconds
      AmmoPerMag = 8;
      SpreadX = 5.5; --In degrees
      SpreadY = 5.5; --In degrees
      Range = 500; --In Studs
      MaxAmmo = 120;
      ShotgunEnabled = true;
      BulletPerShot = 8;
  • Officer

    • Auto = false;
      BaseDamage = 27;
      FireRate = 0.32; --In seconds
      ReloadTime = 1.8; --In seconds
      AmmoPerMag = 9;
      SpreadX = 0; --In degrees
      SpreadY = 0; --In degrees
      Range = 5000; --In Studs
      MaxAmmo = 120;
  • Recon

    • Auto = false;
      BaseDamage = 34;
      FireRate = 0.45; --In seconds
      ReloadTime = 2.5; --In seconds
      AmmoPerMag = 22;
      SpreadX = .2; --In degrees
      SpreadY = .2; --In degrees
      Range = 5000; --In Studs
      MaxAmmo = 220;
  • Support

    • Auto = true;
      BaseDamage = 15;
      FireRate = 0.1; --In seconds
      ReloadTime = 2.5; --In seconds
      AmmoPerMag = 55;
      SpreadX = 4; --In degree
      SpreadY = 4; --In degree
      Range = 5000; --In Studs
      MaxAmmo = 220;


On the field of Dxun, there are three types of interactive crates that can be clicked to be used:

  • Blue Loadout crates provide the user with the ability to change their class.

  • Yellow Ammo crates provide the user with a full refill on both reserve ammunition and grenades after 5 seconds.

  • Green Medic crates provide the user with a full refill on health after 5 seconds.

When a crate is clicked, a GUI will display instructions. Failure to follow the instructions will result in the refill failing.


Every class (besides the Assault) has equipment. Equipment has unlimited usage and does not require a yellow ammo crate to refill. All equipment besides the Engineer’s detpack do not affect enemy players. Equipment can be deployed by pressing T:

  • Support class has access to ammo packs that refill reserve ammunition of the player that touches them by a count of +50.

  • Engineer class has access to a detonation pack that can be detonated by pressing G. Only two detpacks per person can be present on the field at once; when a third is placed, the first detpack is despawned. The player must be within 500 studs of the detpack to detonate it, otherwise the signal is lost.

  • Officer class has access to a bacta bomb that refills health by +75 in a 5 stud radius.

  • Recon class has access to medipacks that refill the health of the player that touches them by a count of +50.


Every class (besides the Engineer) has access to grenades. They possess a trail, billboard GUI, and unique sounds to identify what grenade they are and what their position is. Grenades do NOT team-kill and they ignore leaves/grass. Grenades are limited and can only be refilled with yellow ammo crates. Grenades can be thrown by pressing G:

  • Assault class has 2 thermal detonators, each with a kill radius of 10 studs, damage radius of 50 studs, fuse time of 2.1 seconds, throwing force of 125, bounce of 0.2, and friction of 0.5.

  • Support class has 2 impact grenades, each with a kill radius of 5 studs, damage radius of 35 studs, fuse time of 10 seconds, and throwing force of 140 (bounce and friction both 0 because it detonates on impact).

  • Officer class has 2 concussion (flash) grenades, each with an effective radius of 70 studs, with drop-off starting at 100 studs and fully disappearing at 150 studs. If the grenade is present in an enemy player’s viewport or the thrower’s, it will blind them.

  • Recon class has 1 thermal detonator, equal to the assault’s.

Notes and Bug Work-arounds

This post will regularly be updated with new mechanics that are introduced/changed.
If there are any bugs or suggestions, message me.

If you press respawn after selecting a point and it does not respawn you but instead deletes your UI, reset and it’ll fix itself.

If you spawn without a class, click on one of the loadout crates near the spawns and re-equip your class; we are still trying to figure this problem out but this is the only way to fix it for now.