Dylan's External Database

There are alot of reasons to use an external database rather than the built in datastoreservice.

Some include
-customized rate limits
-get data anywhere not just ingame
-if your game is falsly deleted the data isnt

i made this module

remix from Glitch :・゚✧
rename it to something nobody will guess

you could run out of space if you dont be careful
idk if you can buy more on glitch

you can make a key by editing the code and using the .env

also you could use this anywhere other than roblox


So using this would allow anyone to view data from my game? How is this superior to using something like a Github repository?


You can reupload this code, adding your own key to protect data, using different URL to hide it. People wont be able to access your data without your personal key.


I still don’t see how this is better than using a Github repo or just using Datastores in general.


literally no need for this, and why are you saving data to a txt file lol

you can access data from anywhere with roblox’s open cloud


Data is not deleted when an experience is deleted. It can be accessed through a place from that game.

In addition, through cloud API you can retrieve data from anywhere. Using bloxbiz or other solutions, you can modify game data from their website.

External databases often aren’t what they seem, and in my opinion are unstable and not necessary.

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It’s worth noting that at-scale this will not function as the request limit is 300 per operation and does not scale with game-size.

That is more than enough. Its not like you need to load data everytime someone joins, nor do you need to save data when they leave.

Cloud API is actually used externally, so I don’t see why not needing in-game unless you are updating the data more than once.

I’m specifically referring to the fact that larger games are likely to have more people visiting their website despite having the same limits as smaller experiences.

Yes u can create a key using .env in glitch also to make it so people cant see the data use a folder called .data im pretty sure

You can update faster than github also if u use a .data folder noone can see (they wouldn’t have the link anyway)