Dynamic Heads & Facial Animation Preview Beta

If this hasn’t been mentioned yet, I wonder if full body meshes (using one full mesh for the entire body) will be possible in the future?

I’m going to be completely honest, this isn’t as bad as people say it is. Yeah, it might look creepy but to some people, this is very cool.


I don’t have a problem with the 2D animated faces, really, it’s a neat feature albiet unwarranted. It’s no different than the faces you can buy in the catalog avatar shop except they’re animated. But the 3D ones, with lips and teeth? I’d rather we keep somewhat true to the original ROBLOX style.


The face on the left looks pretty cool to me but the one on the right creeped me out…

Honestly, it’s pretty creepy, however, I do think that it’s an interesting feature.

It’s a skinned mesh, S1 rig. Very possible right now!

Literal fish hook hands
Roblox why? Like @Sir_slade said, if it isn’t broken, do not fix it.

… but will we still be able to make GFXs with this new rig design?

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Awesome new feature. Can’t wait to see the ways developers use this in their games.

i mean, its a big step up from the decal faces, but its lowkey scary.
But hey! after all its a good advantage for games!

New and Improved!


I feel like this breaks the nature of Roblox. Roblox is meant to be a relatively low quality graphic game platform, not the 4k Ultra HD RTX on mess that it is becoming.

Just keep it simple… PLEASE


i am doing the powering imagination


People might use skinned to make new animated 3d facial system. Might see it soon in resources.

This looks great and all and I even made a tiny system for fun using this. Just an NPC system nothing too crazy but it’s still fun to see that you can have an NPC talk like that in the game.

Everything is great and looks great but I honestly don’t know if Roblox is planning to make users use those faces for their avatar customizations but if they are planning on doing this then it might impact the limited faces.


To be honest, the one on the left looks really good and smooth than what I thought it would look like.

But in the other hand, the one on the right looks really creepy and it’s like realistic and not at the same time, not a big fan of that one.

I’m still hyped to see this working more in the future, seems like a nice update.



Of course we will! Just with the same method as old.

after playing around with it for a bit it looks like a great update for everyone!
not gonna lie the way it was promoted was pretty bad (especially for outsiders who saw it) but in my opinion. it looks great!
very excited about this!


Limited aginationa and keeping it locked down? Great idea!