Dynamic Parkour

I know treyreynolds created something similar in the past, and this was actually inspired by him. Basically the way it works is it gets all the parts in workspace. Then it figures out which surface is facing up, and lastly it calculates the edges that are facing up. Once it figures out which one you are closest to you grab onto it. Same thing for movement. Here’s a video

I remember playing that game some time ago. It’s really awesome and the animations also feel really smooth.

plz turn off walking sound while not walking – kind of annoying to hear.

Looks a lot like the first Assassin’s Creed. For those who have played it.

As in active parkourist myself, it would be awesome to have a concept like this expanded upon into a full parkour-like game. I wouldn’t really call a simple wall climbing mechanic true parkour as the idea of it branches out and gets into more detail than basic wall climbing.

Making an FPS that includes dynamic parkour. I gotta up my game :frowning: