Dynamic Tank treads

after weeks of playing around with physics and constraints, I can finally present my take on working tank treads!

ill be attaching this to a rig very soon and the plan is to make the treads propel the tank rather than using ghost wheels.


U must make a script such if the tread change it side to side position. It must be teleported back to its original position. This would prevent removing tread.in laggy PCs.

Did u have bug fix scripts. As roblox physics is very laggy.

heres an update, with it running on a tank rig!

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Sweet! Something like this?

Tracked vehicle, suspension and racing tests. - Roblox

Video of me driving it around:
robloxapp-20211126-2216043.wmv (1.5 MB)

this is roblox physics? if so can you make a tutorial on how to do it or an explanation of how it works. I can not figure out how to do this in roblox without lag and messy phisics.

identical to that, but more realistic on terms of a tank

it is roblox physics. I plan to do an in depth community tutorial on how to make a functioning tank when I complete the tank and refine my skills!


the rig has been scripted, and heres me fooling around in studio