Dynamic Weather Module

Hello, I’m Dom, Environmental Builder / Scripter in ROBLOX.

Less than a few days ago, I thought about what I could push forward in the world of meteorology in ROBLOX.

So I decided to create the First Ever Dynamic Weather System within ROBLOX. This means the world is no longer very static, and all the same each storm.

There are 4 values.

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Wind Sheer
  • Atmospheric Pressure

The Volumetric Clouds object created by the ROBLOX team will dynamically change depending on these 4 values. There is also Dynamic Rain, Dynamic Lightning, Dynamic Hail, and Dynamic Wind (Coming Soon.)

After creating Dynamic Weather with clouds and a simple rain system, I decided to turn it up a notch. I have upgraded the rain to a point which realistic raindrops will slide down your screen, and splashes will splash on the ground.

However, I thought I could take it even further. I’ve created dynamic lightning. Which is really close to real life. Each color of lightning means conditions are a certain way.

  • Red Lightning usually indicates the presence of rain.
  • Blue Lightning indicates the presence of ice, which can fall down and become hail. Blue lightning is a sign it is hailing, or hail is coming.
  • Yellow Lightning indicates the lack of precipitation. Yellow lightning is the rarest type of lightning.
  • Purple lightning usually indicates high precipitation. (Heavy Rain)
  • Green Lightning indicates that a storm is very tall. Due to the height of these storms, green lightning can indicate hail or possibly a tornado

In the last paragraph talking about Green Lightning, yes you read that correctly. The Module will soon be able to detect if a tornado should be active in game.


Important to note: The clouds shown in one of the videos will NOT be in one of the public versions, I am using the beta versions of phase 1 of clouds. The released versions will have phase 2, which you will see in some images and 1 video.


- YouTube
- YouTube


Can I get it?

This system is NOT available to the public as of now. However, I plan on releasing different versions of the module in the future to the public. Follow this topic for updates, and bookmark this github: GitHub - DomTheMomRBLX/Dynamic-Weather-Package The Github will include the RBXM file of the package to download as versions slowly release.


WOW this looks really really cool! Good job!


Damn, that looks REALLY good, even got collisions with rain, what most all the rain systems dont got or dont work very well, can’t wait for it to be released to public!

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This looks amazing! This the most complex weather system I have ever seen, I love the clouds.

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It would be very funny to do a little trolling with a value for damaging rain/hail,also , will there be a gui to control the weather as the experience creator, so you can enable/disable some stuff ( like damaging rain/hail ) ? or it will be just random?

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Unsure if there will be a GUI. I will probably decide later, Haha.


Impressive! Great job, excited to see how this turns out.

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when do u plan on making this public, also will we be able to see progress since this looks really cool

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This look absolutely astonishing! Everything is perfect, from the lighting, to the clouds, to the sound, to the rain. I wanted to ask a few questions regarding this system though.

  1. I noticed that the rain uses collisions, a very rare sighting for a weather system. Is the rain particle effects, actual (transparent) parts that fly out of the sky, or does it use a GUI in order to look like rain?
  2. Since the rain uses collisions and seems to be advanced, if using parts, does it only render within a certain proximity on the player, or does it render globally? How does this also effect performance?
  3. Will there be more control over which weather events you want to invoke, or will it be random? If it will be random, would it be possible to release a module-script version in which you can invoke certain weather events, such as thunderstorms or clear skies?
  4. Do you have an approximate on when this might be release? I saw that you are using Dynamic Clouds, which has not released yet, so I am certain that you are waiting for that to release as well.

Needless to say, this weather system has left me astonished. It is beautiful in every way and I cannot wait for a full release of this weather system. Keep up the amazing work!

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They are particles.

Yes, It only renders with in a certain distance away from the character. I did this so performance impact is incredibly small. Globally would litteraly melt any computer ever, Haha.

Lets say you want a tornado. The system automatically will detect if the conditions are JUST right, and switch a bool value to if a tornado should be active.

I am waiting for the dynamic clouds to fully release, then tweak up this project, and release a free version which is a very dumbed down version of a paid version that will exist.

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If I may ask, how much do you plan on releasing the system for? I am very interested in this system and would love to make a purchase when released.

Unsure. somewhere between 100 and 500 robux. I want this product to be worth it when it releases!


Very excited to implement this within my game soon. Great work so far, looks wonderful!

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Videos seem to be deleted, can you reupload them or did you say something somewhere in the post about it that I didn’t see

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This looks really good looking do you have a time that it will be out?

Should be released around the time clouds is fully released (correct me if wrong please!)

Will we be able to buy it as is, like an early acccess?