Dynamically Generating Map System

I want to make a map system where it takes from multiple models in a folder and places them in a plot format, similar to Roblox SCP-3008. How would I do this? It has to be able to support multiple size plots.

bump, still need help on this


I came across a similar need.

I wanted a group of spawns to be limited to the number of players and for each player to be positioned on a different spawn.

Here is a stripped down version of that script that has just the essentials. I renamed stuff to try and help it make sense for your need.

local maps = YourMapsFolder
local grid = YourGridFolder -- (create a grid of parts that are the centerpoints for positioning maps)
local centerpoints = grid:GetChildren() -- refreshed below

for _, map in pairs(maps:GetChildren()) do

	local rand = Random.new()
	map.CFrame = table.remove(centerpoints, math.random(#centerpoints)).CFrame

	if #centerpoints == 0 then
		centerpoints = grid:GetChildren() -- centerpoints are removed as they are used so refresh when 0


Pretty sure this video covers up exactly what you need

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