DynamicToClassicHead: A way to transform Dynamic Heads to their classic counterparts

DynamicToClassic converts dynamic heads to their classic face and head counterparts.

This was originally made for a game of mine as it uses Roblox’s classic face system to change the face of a player via a decal in the player’s head. I’ve opened sourced it to contribute to the community

ClassicToDynamicHead Logo

:sparkles: Elements:

  • Supports workspace.MeshPartHeadsAndAccesories set to Disabled or Enabled
  • Includes a auto updater model for those who are lazy to update the game
  • Easy to edit along with it somewhat being modular
  • Devtool plugin to make workflow easy for people modifying it

:framed_picture: Showcase Examples:



Scripts in action


:hammer_and_wrench: Installation:

You can get the auto-updater here

You can get the dev-tool plugin here
You can get the source here

If using the auto-updater, put it in ServerScriptService or workspace if you’re messy

This is my first time making a post like this so sorry if some of it seems a bit messy or unprofessional. Also I do know Roblox is going to make it so you can toggle classic faces on a dynamic head at some point, but I don’t know if it’ll be a decal like it is currently.


Can this be used for roblox studio? I don’t like seeing dynamic heads in my moon animator animations soo yep.

I could try making a studio version. For now just load the players avatar with the moonanimator plugin, rename it to “StarterCharacter”, drop it into StarterPlayer, Playtest, then select and copy your character in workspace, stop the playtest and then paste it into studio

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What exactly is ServerScriptStorage?

	Place in **ServerScriptStorage** or Workspace

I meant to say ServerScriptService. Sorry about that

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