/e dance2 clip anti-cheat

E Dance2 clip anti-cheat

Hi there! In a few games I play, including my own, I have seen players using this bug with the /e dance2 emote to clip through walls. I made a little anti-cheat here that will prevent that with R6 avatars!

Model Link: /e dance2 anti-cheat - Roblox

How to use

Just insert the model into ServerScriptService and edit the configuration at the top of the file however you want!


-Customizable settings
-Custom log function
-Custom sound delays
-Bypass list


PlaySound (bool) - Will a sound play when the player is teleported?
Soundid (int) - If a sound plays, what’s it’s it?
ConsoleLogs (bool) - Are teleport and player bypasses logged in the Developer Console?
Bypass (list) - A list of userid’s who bypass the anti-clip
CustomLogFunction (function) - A function in which you can write code that will run every time a teleport is made. This is useful for logging it to an admin system

How to suggest/report bugs and issues

Just privately message me! My username is claym1x, I will try to respond as soon as I can.
If for some reason you can’t, feel free to reply to this post!

Forking, editing, or re-making

I don’t mind if you fork or do anything with it’s source code. Use it however you wish, I ask that you don’t claim you made it however.

How it works (for nerds)

The source code functions on the server by waiting for a player to start doing /e dance2. Once that happens it will save their position. Once they stop doing /e dance2, it will wait a pre-determined amount of time. After it waits, it will make a raycast between the old position and the player’s current position. If it intersects a wall, it will teleport them back to where they were + an offset so they don’t just teleport back into the wall


If a player was dancing on a moving vehicle for example, would they get teleported back if the ray cast doesn’t return? Unless you needed “/e dance2” for some function in your game, I would just disable it or remake it through the animation script so there are no edge cases.

The ray cast has to return a part to make a player get teleported. So it would probably try to teleport you back if you are on a moving vehicle and can somehow keep the animation for long enough. I can test this in a little bit and work in a fix, along with some more stuff I have planned

cool, I want to put up a clay mix after installing this in my game

Update to this: Trying to currently work in a system that will detect if the player is moving or has moved during the dance, and will factor that in when using the raycast


Congratulations!, You have learnt how to detect not just /e dance2 clip, but almost any sort of exploit that can noclip through walls.

You could even build on this knowledge to make a whole server sided anti cheat, but that’s just an idea.

I have already made something that does that, but have not released it publicly

I recommend doing this while all emotes are playing as I just used lag laugh and it didnt detect

edit: doing it correctly I could bypass it while adding the laugh animation to the detection but it was insanely difficult

Apologies bumping.

Damn, definitely going to use this in my game! Thanks @Claym1x!