Eaisest way to do a curve

Hey Builders,
I’m a scripter, but I’d like to get some basic building knowledge.
What’s the easiest plugin to use to make a curve?
Do you guys have any other tips to start building?


I believe almost all the builders here use plugin to co a curve.
One of the famous plugins for creating curve is Archimedes 2.
You build curve from so many angle, flip and invert the axis.

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Ok; how easy is that to use?
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Yeah, there’s a plugin for curving it’s very good.
As well as very simple to use.

Depending on what type of curve you are trying to make, there are a variety of plugins you can use. All of which are very easy to use.

Bézier Curves by Crazyman32 — great for making smooth bézier curves for things like winding roads.

Oozledraw by Oozlebachr — useful for making curves that rely on gravity. Ropes, zip lines, cables, etc. I would suggest checking out a newer plugin of the same type that is still under development but seems to be superior: RopeMaster by XAXA

Archimedes Two by Scriptos — My personal favorite, good for anything you want to create curves with.

Ultimately it depends on what type of curves you are trying to make, but as a builder I frequently use a combination of all of these.


You choose a part you want to build a curve, then pick one of the angle until you found the right angle you want your curve to.
If you do not want to build a full circle then click the Render Once and it’ll build another part hanging from the original part.
If you want to build a circle then click the Render Circle and it’ll automatically build a circle.
You can also flip and invert axis.
Another one, you can set the angle of it so you can have different curves!

I do not use plug-ins to make curves although I should really start doing so although, all my builds curves are done manually with a column of parts being duplicated a time. While I change the rotation to just 1 degrees and attempt to move the part as close as possible by 0.025 studs. While you will find the parts will not always correlate so I change the studs in order to make it smooth. I try correlate it as much as possible until the distant is less than 0.01 studs as any on or below will immediately take the studs to 0.000 movement. So I move the part back by maybe 0.015 than actually increase by 0.018 so I do not have to be concerned with that 0.01 barrier. This process takes me roughly 20mins now to make 1/4 of a circle. Not ideal for everyone but this is a solution to how I make them and could be easier for different people but hey I bet the plug-in takes it like the cake. Anywho this is the outline of parts I used in one of my builds.

To clarify I only recommend this way if your like me and hate majority of plug-ins or, if the plug-in is not making the curve in mind than I would recommend this process if done right.

Which one is the easiest; and hardest?

I believe most building tools have rotate features that allow you to rotate items off a pivot that you can easily select. They should also allow you to move objects along their own axes or the last select axes. Because of this all you have to do is copy a part, move it it’s entire length to one side, select a pivot that is between both of the parts as well as opposite of the position you wish to rotate it towards, then rotate it however many degrees you need, rinse, repeat.

You can also adjust the rotating degree, and the size and length of the part if it doesn’t quite curve the way you want. Using Stravant’s ResizeAlign plugin you can make sure a curve’s end perfectly aligns with another’s if necessary.

Here is me doing just as I said above. This will allow for making curves with more than just bricks. You will be able to rotate whatever you need around any pivot to achieve what you need. Really useful when creating cylinder shaped builds, or builds where you have objects all facing towards a center.

None of those plugins are easy :confused:.
Do you know of any eaisier ones?

If you’re not willing to learn, I can’t help you. All of those plugins are relatively easy to use, they just might take some trial and error to figure out. You got this!

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Building is hard for me.
I prefer Programming or fixing horrible builds.
I really appriciate your help.
Is there a tutorial on Archimedes Two?

Archimedes was designed to be pretty straight-forward. You should play with it a little bit and you’ll probably figure out pretty quickly how to utilize it.

If you have any issues, don’t be afraid to DM me!

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