[EARLY ACCESS] Ultimate Jumping Simulator - 30/7/21 Update Log

What’s new?

  • Back to paid access for a week: This was a really hard choice, but we have to make the game paid access again. Due to the amount of bugs and unfinished things in it. We don’t want to publish a broken game. The reason it remains paid access is for our testers. We plan to make the game fully free in 2 weeks, that will be enough time for us to finish the game. I’m trying my very best to push updates everyday.

  • Drone BETA: A lot of people have been requesting this so I added this in. The new Roblox spy drone is in our game. For now during the Alpha stage its free, but once the game is released fully it will be 30 Robux.

  • Free Cam: This mode can be enabled by pressing shift+P in game. Free cam allows content creators or anyone that wants to get a Nice view of the game.


  • Continuing the game alone: This is very sad but, the blox man studios team is taking a 3 month break. They won’t be coming back anytime soon. Although I don’t want to continue on the game without them. I have no choice.

Patches and bug fixes

  • Admin tp fixed: I have been working hard to fix this bug. Although admin isn’t available in game yet, I wanted to update the system a little.

Update Log by: IsaacUniverse_YT CEO/Founder or Blox Man Studios

Check it out here: DISCOUNITNUED GAME - Roblox