Early feedback on a puzzle game

Hey, so for the past couple of days now I’ve been working on a recreation of a really old puzzle game [Robbox] here on Roblox. I have only the main framework and core game functions down, but I just wondered if you guys had feedback for the parts I’ve made so far.

Very raw gameplay, but I just wondered if there’s anything I should improve on before moving forward.

You can also hold the LeftControl to make your player look a certain direction.

Any feedback is appreciated, thanks. :slight_smile:


So far, not much to say or give feedback upon, there is almost nothing to it, it’s going in the right direction though - if anything thought I’d suggest a better sound effect for picking up the coins and whatnot, something more satisfying would be nice.

Good luck, this is a nice idea to recreate.

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Thanks for the feedback! and haha yeah…I sort of wondered if it was ‘too’ early to make a post about it. :confused:

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Nice for a start, I like the concept of this. Keep up the good work!

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Can you make it mobile optimized so I may test it to give feedback if not then it’s fine.

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