|Early Halloween Update Progess | New 3+ Hours Skin | Lord Dark Hollow |

Lord Dark Hollow Is Here to Strike! :jack_o_lantern: :bat:

I’m currently working on a very big Halloween Update for my Game
| Blocky Combat | And I just finished Making the Phase 3 Boss | Lord Dark Hollow is the Name.

Whats Coming Soon?

  • Phase 1 Boss
  • Phase 2 Boss
  • Phase 4 Boss
  • Finished Halloween Map
  • New 3D Clothing Skins
  • New Weapons
  • New UI Overhaul
  • New Animations
  • New Soundtracks


The Update is planned to get released somewhere near late september or early October.



Forgot to Mention 1 Thing
this entire Rigged Boss was made in ROBLOX Studio
with Smooth Mesh Parts yes ik its insane for something like this to only be made
in ROBLOX Studio.

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i legit cant wait to play this game, it looks hot like fire

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yea i myself cant wait to.
i actually have alot of potentional in this game
so does my friends and others.
but some people says its weird to work on a halloween update and that stuff
but im working on the game solo which is something they needa understand

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I love it, but i think black and white doesn’t fit halloween, maybe go for a black and orange scheme?

black and orange is gonna be for the Phase 1 and 2 Boss’s
Black and White is for Phase 3 which is the skin i posted on this devforum post so it has a dif color cheme, its harder, and its darker.
also black and orange didnt fit well with it which is why i mainly made it to black and white.

okay befor i move on this looks if
The Fallen king from tds

with a mix of the pumpkin minigunner
also is this gonna be a tds or shooter game

thanks for pointing that out to
some of my characters i make are based or inspired by tds characters
the character on this post i made was inspired by lord sinister with different touches.
but i can try adding orange and effects to it tho. and this is gonna be a game similar to
Mortal Metallium / Combat warriors.

edit: i made it based off my memory…

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actually i changed my mind the game isnt gonna be based off of Mortem Metallium or Combat Warrior from the name and game type im going for i want to make a inspired mobile gameS into ROBLOX, some old 1’s i used to play younger back then to be specific.

Blocky City Wars / Pixel Gun 3D. Ill be making Different GameModes and that stuff.

nostalgia, I played both of those all day.
Yeah, I feel like your gonna cancel it. If you switch your mind your probably gonna switch your focus onto a new project.

im not cancelling it i been working on it for 3 months and i just made a working gamemode
with good ui, doing good on weapon and skin shop ima make another post of progress in mid september. as the game gets released on october

actually ill put this 1 photo
im removing he clans and putting something else
just put it there so the ui dosnt seem empty on that side

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