Early progress on player leaderboard website for my game

Hello everyone so 2 days ago I started making my website which went quite successfully every idea I had I implemented it on my website but now I run out of ideas so therefore I came here to ask you guys what to add to my website and how to improve it. I want suggestions about the website design and what should I add to it. Any help would be appreciated.

Early progress on player leaderboard website for my game. I am connecting my Roblox game to my website with HttpServices I am going to make leaderboard of top 100 players who have most wins, top 50 players with the most coins in the game even how many hours they spent on my game.

Things that are in progress

  1. Player profile Finished 7/31/2019
  2. Reset password
  3. User demote promotion
  4. Error pages for example 404,403 Finished 7/31/2019
  5. Making a discord bot whenever I post news or promote or demote someone it would announce in discord Finished 8/1/2019

Edit: I respect Roblox ToS and I added a Filtering package not as good as Roblox’s one but still filters bad words.

I would love some feedback on what you think would make for a good leaderboard website for my game. Any features or design tips I should keep in mind?


The Login/Register forms are way too wide

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How does this look?

Maybe when registering instead of sending the user back to the login page login them in automatically.


Like @MySQL_Syntax said start the login session automatically after logging in. Pretty easy to do assuming you are using PHP. If not shouldnt be too hard to do either way. Other than that it looks nice.


pretty easy to do with any language…

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No, I am not using PHP.

I am using node.js and package called pug to communicate from server to client.

I feel like the “Paste this in your profile” part doesn’t stand out as much as it should, I feel like you should remove that, and once they click register it should have a pop-up (not the annoying kind, one that you build in, like the post news GUI) saying “Paste ___ in your profile then click verify.” or something along those lines.

With your /staff page it looks pretty bad all being centered and the same colour, there is no contrast between button or title, one of these should be darker or lighter.
You should also put them in an invisible grid rather than having them all stacked down in a line.


I agree with this. The popup is called a modal.

And maybe instead of a popup, take the user to a new page with just the roblox account confirmation