EarthSea MMORPG [Builder(s) Wanted]


Hi there, not too long ago I started a project called EarthSea. EarthSea is intended to be the all inclusive RPG in ROBLOX, to develope and empower a large community of medieval fantasy adventure seekers.

I am looking a builder primarily because I myself am not the best or close to “one of the best” as it is… I can mold the terrain well, and I like to think I have great level design, but I have poor modeling intuition, in terms of proportion and design.

I am primarily a scripter, and I will have no issue with scripting the game, animating the game, creating UI and programming the UI for the game, or designing NPC’s, Monsters, and Main Characters- I have worked with just about every facet of the ROBLOX API

EarthSea is meant to be an expansive RPG with 20 player servers that facilitates questing, boss fighting (which attributes Slayer Experience per boss kill), a cross server economy (much like a runescape grand exchange), dozens of cities and hundreds of NPCs to talk to.
On you’re adventure you will be able to gain experience for the following skills:

-Thieving (Lockpicking, stealing from NPCs)
-Agility (Obstacle course completion)
-Slayer (boss fighting)

On your adventure you will complete a multitude of quests for elitist items, rare collectibles (that are sell-able), and experience! You will be able to start clans, and private parties, as well as own private servers.
Explore large inclusive biomes such as thick jungles, tall mountains, and daunting dungeons.

EarthSea is a Archipelago- however the main island itself is called EarthSea by the inhabitants for lack of education of a larger world outside their island, while you get to be educated enough during your adventure to venture off to find Elderado (The City of Gold), fighting in the Godus Wars (The fight between gods), and claim a land of your own to build on.

If you are still interested you can contact me on skype @,
I will share the idea in full detail as well as your job description

and if you’re still not sold the information I can offer you here is that-
A.) The MMO will derive it’s revenue from the Freemium Business Model
B.) I am offering 40% of the profit for you/your team of builders.
40% profit is the amount of money I am offering you as a singular builder, and you can choose to distribute that evenly/not evenly between you and your friends depending on whether you are building it as a team or not.

This is a passion project, I have no intent of halting development with or without a builder and I like to think I am a great guy to work with. Please contact me on skype and we can figure out if you would be a great fit for the project :slight_smile:

Just some tips I have gained from posting on Collaboration that i think may benefit you:

  • Show your self worthy: Showing us what you are capable of and/or what you have done in the project so far can help, as some developers tend to start things that are over their skill set.

  • Sell your idea: Tell us more about the game, why you think it will be such a success, and how it can be a new roblox experience.

  • Provide detail: A well detailed request always will get more attention, details like what we need to do, and how much work do we need to do, how much will we get paid ( per builder ), etc

Anyway I hope you can find what your looking for :slight_smile:

Sorry I’m not a builder q.q

Just wanted to point out I mentioned how much would be paid in the post >.>

Anyways, in light of your reply I will revise this post and repost it.

I know but I just thought to include it anyway for anyone that might read it and want to post their own request.

Also I do have a question, does each developer get 40% or all developers share 40%?

if each of them gets 40% then I’m assuming you want max of 2 developers…?

40% profit is the amount of money I am offering you as a singular builder, and you can choose to distribute that evenly/not evenly between you and your friends depending on whether you are building it as a team or not.

I was under the assumption there would be mature rhetoric on the developer forum.

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Do you have a tech demo? I would love to see what you have accomplished!

I’m sorry. I am quick to judge. I just read your proposal. It’s a great idea but I think you should be inspired rather than copy. Runescape is a great game and all. I wish you luck in your adventure. But I think the younger Roblox audience will not benefit from this game and nor the teenage audience. For me, If I saw a game like this on ROBLOX I’d give it a try. But If I wanted a game with these mechanics and the exact same skill set, I’d go to runescape. Why? Because it’s there. It has 15 years worth of content, thousands of players and it’s easy to get a hold of. It’s graphics engine is about to be fantastic, it’s fast, has thousand player servers and it’s just… possible. From the idea you are suggesting this project seems like a large project; over a few year scale. That is if you want it to be really good, detailed and skilled. Do not give up hope though if this is what you want to do. I really just think that this is a blatant copy of other things out there and people will always find something better than what a developer creates on Roblox. I think you should have a different look. At least change the skills up, the idea of the game up. I like the idea, it gives a different gameplay than Runescape but with the same mechanics and to me, the same story look and feel. I know I have not seen your project. But no matter what difference of gameplay it has, Intuitive User interface or whatever you may suggest ‘separates’ it from the lot. It isn’t any different to what is there.

The ‘creativeness’ and idea is there. It just needs better execution. I think medieval fantasy is running out of smoke too. There’s so much of it out there. I mean you have an endless number of games rapidly growing with medieval backgrounds. Its just the number of games are growing, but the number of players is decreasing.

I am being honest and truthful and I hope you take my suggestion in to account and don’t class me as ‘immature’. I hope you understand how I feel. I know how you feel with this being a ‘passion project’. I have one of my own which I am making. It is in fact a MMORPG but something nobody has seen before. I’ve web searched and looked countless times within the realms of the internet and It’s different, very different. I mean – my project’s going to have a Levelling feature but it will be executed in different ways as to all the other ‘mmorpgs’ out there. I wish you the best of luck. Dynamic creation. :happy1:

Unfortunately I do not right now, I will post when i do.

If you add me on skype I can show you what’s currently done, and the map layout and what’s built so far

No picture, no link, no interest.

Well, I can’t build anyways but I do like pictures and places… XD


A good way to catch the eye and get people to read your posts are to include things like images and organization, bold text, etc.

Otherwise you’re just looking at a boring block of text and 50% of the people will likely pass just for that.

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is it earthsea as in the chronicles of earthsea by ursula k. le guin?

definitely an important question

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