Easier Inventory Control

Hi! I’m José, and I have been designing since 2015.

As a designer, I re-upload 3-5 duplicates of the same outfit for trial and error, to fix mistakes I might not have seen on my template or to test out a certain clothing item to see how it appears on character.

My inventory is critical to me, as that’s where my customers look for my clothing when they want to buy them.

Recently, I have been struggling with deleting my scraps of clothing from my inventory. The feature to remove clothing has been updated on the website to where you cannot remove clothing that is not on sale.

As you can see, I have also been struggling with the appearance of clothing showing up invisible on the avatars, leaving my customers unable to see a preview of some of my items.

For me to be able to remove these scraps from my inventory, I have to open all of the scraps in new tabs, put all of the items on sale, then delete them all at once, and then go back again to take them off-sale. If I do not go back in to take them off-sale, they will appear in the catalog when someone searches my name. This is very time consuming, and I know some people only have a limited time for setting up clothing items.

Here are some of my suggestions:

Suggestion 1) Bring back the feature where we can delete clothing that is off-sale. I am not sure why this feature was removed from the website, but I am open to hearing as to why it might have been removed and that leads to a different alternative to fixing your inventory.

Suggestion 2) Just how you can select games to be public or private,

We should implement the “Onsale/Offsale” feature with clothing as well

(Note: There was a plug-in that used to allow this feature on the website, but it has been pulled off the extension home-store, and is now broken. People have tried to re-upload this plug-in, but it’s still broken and I don’t see a future of it being fixed.)

Suggestion 3) The 3 little dots & setting options should be clickable next to the title of the item in your inventory, for example, I think it would be neat and super time efficient if it was displayed like so:

You wouldn’t have to continue opening each item in a new tab, but instead you can knock out a lot with a few clicks out your inventory. This way, designers and all players of Roblox can have easy control over all of their inventory, leading to a cleaner and sufficient profile.

Thank you for your time!


Some additional information:

I’ve recently found out Seranok was the original creator of the ‘Roblox Upload Enhancer’ but, he has removed his version from the store. I had it installed, but it no longer works.

That leads me to think I am not sure if the Private/Public option in the ‘Games’ section is from his extension or if it is a feature embedded on the website alone. The two features were exactly alike.


I’d make my own feature request but I can’t, however what I am about to ask for does relate to this. There is no real way to mass archive or delete multiple animations, decals, audios, clothing, etc at the same time. This is problematic as eventually it gets seriously difficult to navigate your, or a group’s, asset page as a result of the thousands of items not even being used. Better control of your inventory would truly be a blessing.

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