Easier way to get shirts on sale

Even so often, I lose bc. I also happen to have about a hundred or 2 shirts in my inventory that I want to sell. Yes, the problem occurs when they go off Sale, and I need to put them back on sale. There is no easy way to do this. Could there be a way to select a lot of shirts and put them on sale? So helpful.

yes pls.

My sister suffers from the same issue. Please add

Could this be made into a chrome plugin before it’s an official feature? If I knew how to make a chrome plugin this is what I’d do:

[Sale Price] box
[Scrolling grid of all YOUR clothes with their names & sale numbers]

Then you’d just click the ones you want to toggle off and on sale (with the Sale Price text box’s value)
And finally, an “Apply changes” button to do it all at once. With an optional confirmation popup.

Edit: Also, a “toggle ALL” button, in case you want to sell the majority of your clothes and merely want to subtract the ones you don’t want on sale (like test clothes or request clothes.)

Currently as it is, we have to open hundreds of clothes in hundreds of tabs from dozens of pages and click configure on each one, and god help you if you’re not using the default sale price when you tick the sales box on.