Easier way to position surface guis?

I knew that if you wanted to position a surface gui, you can only input the x y axis positioning numbers yourself in the property window. Is there any easier way to position surface guis?
I read some posts about making the gui in starterGui and then move it to a surface gui. I tried that, it just messes up all the position and scales after moving in a surface gui.
Anyone know any better methods to position a surface gui? Thanks.


try converting the screen uis position and size to scale then move it on the surface gui

But I always convert the size and position to scale, it still messes up everything

I think the way you’re using right now is the easiest way. For me I just put the SurfaceGui down immediately, with the TextLabel or whatever in it. Then resize the TextLabel. The size ratio is every 50 “pixels” in the GUI corresponds to 1 full stud on a part.

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