Easier way to unfriend and send friend requests to people

As we know unfriending someone on your friend list, is a pretty annoying process to go through, first you have to find them on your friends list, go to their profile and click the unfriend button. But if there was an easier way the community would be a lot happier, and this process would be a lot simpler. So with this feature all you have to do is go to your friends list, there will be three dots in the top right corner of that players image and you simply click the three dots it will then have a pop out saying “Unfriend”, you click unfriend and it unfriends that player.

Now this could also be used for friending possibly, lets say you go to another persons friend list, and you want to friend someone you find out another persons friend list. All you have to do is click the three dots in the top right corner, once again it has a pop out but this time saying “Friend”, you click friend and it sends a friend request to that player. Once you click the friend text, it will also show a “requesting” button somewhere, so it doesn’t confuse the player so they aren’t thinking they automatically just friended someone. If the player tries to friend the same person again, it will say “Friend Req. Pending”, or something similar to that.

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