Easiest Way To Make Low-Poly Platforms?

So I want to make low-poly terrain (other known as triangle terrain) that looks similar to what’s mentioned in this video. All I want to do is make small platforms coming out of water for a obby with a low-poly style (so not like huge islands or platforms). Is there a plugin that would make this job easier or quicker than said in the video?

Note that I’m fine if I need to follow the directions as showcased in the video, I just want to know if there is a easier or quicker way to make the terrain showcased in the video.

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One of the easiest ways to creating something similar in the video is to make the terrain platform in blender. If your more familiar with the software itself, you’ll find it has a curve in learning it while a plugin can create triangle terrain i’m curious it can make different platforms. Since the style is more of a cartoony style, creating it out of meshes would be an easier approach.

You can make terrain with using the (Atrazine’s Terrain Plugin). It would be better using a software to make something similar in the video attached in the thread.

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When doing low-poly maps if its something like rocks don’t do it all in the same colour do it in different tones/shades because if its the same it all blends in and theres then less detail.

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