Easing Styles in Animation Editor Should Have an Option to Be Applied to Multiple Parts at Once

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to apply easing styles to animations without spending too much time applying the easing styles to many parts of a rig, particularly rigs with many sections, such as the R15 rig. When animating, I find using easing styles really helps improve the quality of the animation; however, I often find myself annoyed, having to change the easing style and direction separately for every single part of the rig. My suggestion is to be able to change it for multiple things at once. For example, if I wanted to make a head, hand, and foot move in a Cubic-In fashion, I would be able to hold down the shift key to select all of these, next selecting the “Cubic” and “In” option, thus saving me more time. Additionally, the option to apply this to an entire keyframe(s) would be very efficient. It takes a very painful amount of time applying the same thing to something fifteen or thirty or ninety times (which unfortunately happens all too often)—this feature would help me, and many other animators, a lot! Thanks for reading! :smiley:



100% Agreed.

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Isn’t the animation editor available for Pull Requests on ROBLOX’s github?

If not, let’s make that a feature request.

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