EasingStyle, EasingDirection documentations have issues

Issue Description
EasingStyle and EasingDirection contain a few potential issues. They aren’t big enough issues to create a new report for each, so I grouped them all together here.

  1. EasingStyle: the last sentence in the first paragraph - These graphs use the “In” EasingDirection; the “Out” direction simply produces a reflection over the line X=Y. However, this should actually be a reflection over the line Y = 1 - X.
    EasingDirection describes “Out” as The easing style is applied in a reverse direction, which may be a helpful description to add to the EasingStyle page.
  2. EasingStyle: Exponential, Circular, and Cubic are missing from the animation. They are also missing a description under the “Enums” section.
  3. EasingStyle: Most of the other descriptions aren’t very descriptive. Quad, Quart, and Quint are described only as being similar to each other “but at a different speed”. This is nondescript and inaccurate; it would be more accurate to say they have different accelerations. I assume that it would be even more accurate to say these are determined by Quadratic, Quartic, and Quintic functions respectively.
  4. EasingDirection: The “InOut” description says The easing style is applied forward for the first half and in reverse for the second half. I find this a bit ambiguous in meaning. It would be greatly clarified if there were graphs like on the EasingStyle page for In, Out, and InOut that went along with the Quad animation on the top of the page.

Issue Area: DevHub Content
Page URL: EasingStyle | Roblox Creator Documentation

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Just following up on this, a ticket was filed internally. As the original author of the image/animation on that page, I’ll probably be the one to follow up on it.


Thank you for this bug report! We have adjusted the wording for these API and included links to animations for each easing style and direction.

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