Easy Inventory System

Ever wanted to make a functional inventory system? Well this tutorial is for you and your game. I have a 46 minutes tutorial here. However, if you are not feeling like spending 46 minute watching it. You can always download the place in the description of the tutorial.

Features included in this tutorial

-Item Picking System
-Inventory Gui
-Item Hold Out System
-Item Dropping System

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and have a nice day :smile:


Why not make a text version? I want to sort-of skim through it before I decide if it’s worth looking at. Also, why not link directly to the place instead of linking to the video tutorial?

edit: Sorry if I sounded a little rude, I don’t mean it that way.


Oh great :+1:, thank you so much for this tutorial is help be built my own I my game, I was about to hired scripter but thank to this I made my own custom one and it work thank bro!!!