Easy to make, simple, addicting game ideas?

So I want to make a game right. And yes i tried ai but it sucks. So if anyone could help thank you SO much and will credit if i make the full game :slight_smile:


I’d personally say drugs, it’s easy to make and very addictive. Basic chemistry.


brain rot simulator - just fill the screen with subway surfers and someone cutting soap and boom


Ever played simulators? Yes? Good, take inspiration from them. They are addicting and simply and easy to make and perfect for kids and adults.

That’s a good idea but it seems that you are on the wrong platform here…

Anything Skibidi:

Skibidi Tower Defense
Skibidi Simulator
Skibidi Earth Flat Simulator Rizz Simulator
Skibidi: The battle for the Skib… now in idi.
Skibidi, a tale of two Skibidis

Things like that are bound to attract little Timmy and all his preschool friends. Or you could stick to simple things, like copyright violation:

BluyE: 100% by DisNey!1
DoorsRooms: A literal copy of Doors
Chapter Threh: NapCat and DayDog

Could also work.
OH HOW DID I FORGET: Ohio, A story game.